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Why embryo?

We bring the awesome.

Because we follow the ten laws of conception:

1 Overachieve. Always.

2 Having a big ego is allowed. You’ve earned it.

3 Be grateful to those that gave you a chance in the early years. And don’t forget them.

4 The work will speak for itself. No explanation needed.

5 Keep pushing the work to the limit, and surpass it.

6 Promise to break the rules, so long as the client benefits.

7 Be a pioneer in the next content revolution.

8 Remain caffeinated. At all times.

9 Avoid limitations by settling for just expectations.

10Love what you do. Live what you love.

Our Creative

Our Creative

Brands are like people. Every one has a story to tell. Some are exciting. Others funny. A few, sad. Brands have identities, cultures, histories—all content that marketers can use to engage their customers.

Over the years, we’ve learned how to tell what we call a compelling brandstory. We know that if you want to pull at the heartstrings, video works best. But often you may need supporting branding elements, print collateral, environmental graphics, apps and microsites to tell a complete story and reach your goals.

We’ll help you find the right mix.

Goals Video Print Branding Environmental Microsites
Raise Awareness Yes Yes Maybe Maybe Yes
Track Responses Maybe No No No Yes
Craft an Experience Yes Yes No Maybe Yes
Promote Sharing Yes No No No Yes
Move People Yes Maybe No No Maybe
Bring the Awesome Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Embryo always brings energy, creativity and flexibility.

Tim Sullivan
Director of Communications
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Ideas are born here.

See the awesome.

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Boston University: William Fairfield Warren

Market Strategies International: Find your beat. Cogent Beat.

Boston University: Sustainability in the City

Jewish Family & Children’s Service: Lori

Jewish Family & Children’s Service: Parkinson’s

Jewish Family & Children’s Service: Izzy

Jewish Family & Children’s Service: Annie

Jewish Family & Children’s Service: Viktoriya

Commonwealth Financial: The Knight of Document Disorder

Commonwealth Financial: 25th Anniversary

Print & Web

Temple University: Fox School of Business
Temple University: Fox (Advertising)
Alliance Power Group Microsite
Alliance Power Group: Microsite
Boston University Summer (Transit)
Boston University: Summer (Transit)
Boston University Winterfest (Events)
Boston University: Winterfest (Events)
Villanova University Call me (Transit Advertsing)
Villanova University: Call me (Transit)
Villanova University Navy Yard (Transit)
Villanova University: Navy Yard (Transit)
Villanova University Navy Yard (Brochure)
Villanova University: Navy Yard (Brochure)
Spaulding Hospital Your New Hopsital (Microsite)
Spaulding Hospital: Your New Hospital (Microsite)
Spaulding Hospital Spaulding Now (Magazine)
Spaulding Hospital: Spaulding Now (Magazine)
90.9 WBUR Gala (Events)
90.9 WBUR: Gala (Events)
90.9 WBUR Gala (Events)
90.9 WBUR: Gala (Events)
90.9 WBUR Can't Miss Tom (Media Kit)
90.9 WBUR: Can’t Miss Tom (Media Kit)
90.9 WBUR Can't Miss Tom (Microsite)
90.9 WBUR: Can’t Miss Tom (Microsite)
90.9 WBUR / Mercedes-Benz Pledge to Drive (Microsite)
90.9 WBUR: Pledge to Drive (Microsite)
HitTrax Beyond the Cage (Microsite)
HitTrax: Beyond the Cage (Microsite)
Our Team

Our Team

Who is Embryo Creative? We’re storytellers that studied advertising, marketers who worked in journalism, filmmakers who draw, writers that paint, musicians who sell, math nerds and sports freaks. We’re a little bundle of creative contradictions with a purpose: bring the awesome in everything we do.

The five founders met in 2006 while earning their Masters in Advertising at Boston University. They launched the firm in 2007. The global economy collapsed a few months later. They survived. And thrived.

Embryo produces integrated campaigns that yield results.

Mike Steffon
Membership Director
WBUR 90.9 FM

Say hello

Ryan Ferland
Creative + Principal

Adores awesomely-bad zombie films. You might call him the jack-of-all-trades for creative—we call him Ryan. Or the “darkness.” A native Floridian, he dislikes the beach and all things summer. Often very serious, panda bears melt his heart. Master’s in advertising from BU. He and Allan dominate creative.

Allan Shinohara
Creative + Principal

Has a movie collection that would rival any video store that is still open (if there is one). Prefers real talk—no BRB, LOL, ROFL to be echoed. Can recite the entire West Side Story musical. Master’s in advertising from BU. Completes the dynamic duo that is the senior creative team.

Jaynemarie Hunt

Modern-day June Cleaver—knits, bakes, and cooks (well, learning to cook). Her family eats meat, but she will not. Dependent on caffeine, but who isn’t? Dislikes cold weather only to marry one that loves to ski. Bachelor’s in psychology from University of Maryland. Insane about keeping clients on track; this can be attributed to completing Shaun T’s 9-week insanity workout.

Stephanie Jeskey
Account + Principal

Resident foodie. Red Sox fanatic, yet married to a man that dislikes professional sports. Attended 2013’s Game 6 World Series. Willing to try anything once—next up, surfing in Costa Rica. Master’s in advertising from BU. Governs the day-to-day operations.

Shannon Luttge
Account + Principal

Self-diagnosed workaholic. Rabid new runner. Amateur party-planner. Hails from Lincoln, Rhode Island—home of Autocrat coffee. Loves a challenge. Master’s in advertising from BU. Wears many hats.

On Twitter @embryocreative

Our Process

Our Process

An Embryo brandstory always starts with finding the big idea. In the beginning, we’ll ask a lot of questions. Don’t be surprised if we want to talk to your CEO and your customers to learn about you. We listen to what you have to say. We get to know your company, your audience, your values. From there, our creative gurus will work their magic to develop a story that gives your customers one more reason to love your brand.

But we’re more than just great creative work. We’re tireless perfectionists. Sloppy work makes sloppy storytelling. We’re not a logo design factory or a video chop shop. We’re not cracked-out coders or quickdraw pixel pushers. When you hire Embryo, you work with a team that actually cares about the little things.

“Good enough” is just not good enough.

Recent Awards

  • Silver Medal, Hatch Awards, AdClub
  • Bronze Medal, Content Marketing Awards
  • Honorable Mention, Content Marketing Awards
  • Honorable Mention, Content Marketing Awards
  • Gold Medal, Communicator Award
  • Silver Medal, Communicator Award
  • Silver Medal, Communicator Award

Embryo delivers on-time and on-message.

Tom Kegelman
Marketing Director of Graduate Studies
Fox School of Business
Temple University

Our Difference

Our Difference

Let’s be honest. Most people hate advertising—mostly because so much is so awful and irrelevant. Every day we’re all bombarded with promises of a “new you” if only we “act fast” and “buy now.” Advertising creeps into every inch of our lives.

The problem is that when everyone is screaming, people stop listening. That’s the challenge facing advertisers today in a super-connected, always-on, always moving world. No one is paying attention anymore.

There’s a lot of buzzword-y talk about people craving “engagement” and “authenticity” but really what they want is just a good story. They don’t want to be sold. They want to be moved. And the funny thing is that while most people say they hate ads, they really do love brands—because in a twittered world, our choice in coffee, cars, and clothes can communicate who we are faster than words. We all know a “Dunkin” dude or a “Starbucks” kinda gal.

Brands are characters in all our lives. They all have a story to tell. That’s where we come in. Some places know how to sell, but know nothing about storytelling. Others can spin a good yarn, but can’t stay on message. At Embryo, you get the rare firm that can do both. And do it well.

Embryo is always creative, flexible and nimble.

Alyce Nicolo
Assistant Director of Development Communications,
Boston University

Brands we’ve served

Temple University
90.9 WBUR
Bright Horizons
Broad Institute
Boston University
Villanova University
Spaulding Rehabilitation
Our Prices

Our Prices


Perfect for companies just sticking their toe in the water, our basic services provide a minimum of three clever ways to tell your brandstory—each hatched from the minds of our award-winning creative team. Starting at $50,000.


Now we’re talking…about your brand. Seriously, this option gives you creative concepts, some branding elements, and a video. Everything you need to get started in content marketing and brand storytelling. Starting at $125,000.


Truly, the kid in the candy store option. You get it all—creative concepts, a video, print, branding elements, a microsite. A content marketer’s dream. Starting at $200,000.

Request a Quote

Request Quote

Have a project in mind? Drop us a line and we’ll put together a quote for you. 90% of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals. If someone you know recommended us, please let us know.

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